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Data Capture

We have dedicated data capture terminals which utilise our own custom, in-house developed, data capture software which has been tailored over the years to maximise efficiency of input in all areas.

Our bespoke software is fast and flexible when setting up customer databases to meet individual needs.

Office Workers - Data Capture


  • Automatic barcode input
  • Automatic case conversion
  • Access to the Post Office Address File (PAF)
  • The fastest search engine available today
  • Field encryption for sensitive information
  • Personalised data validating routines
  • Custom routines for batch processing of letters, labels, reports, Internet web pages etc.
  • Secure password entry to data capture system which allows the tracking of all changes made to the database, such as keyer, date, time and modifications.
  • Capture of overseas extended characters
  • Stock taking module to allow fast numeric input and page reconciliation’s of inputted totals against page totals
  • Lookup tables of any type

Our dedicated team of Keyers find the program fast and intuitive regardless of the different database requirements.