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Graphic Design

Corporate identity

People often confuse identity with brand. sure they’re linked, but identity is a small part of the bigger brand picture. a logo represents the brand in so much as a face represents the whole person – and, as such, if the face doesn’t fit its hard to communicate effectively and credibility is lost.

As companies evolve, often the company logo is forgotten, or is considered too sacred - this can hold the brand back and start costing credibility and consequently money. orbital has a strong history of creating new identities, and restoring old ones to their former glory

Promotional literature

With the internet providing cheap, fast, up-to-date information, isn’t print-based media is dead? it may have taken a dive in recent years as companies viewed the internet as a panacea to all their communications ills, but really there’s no better way to make a lasting impression than with a well crafted brochure or report.

As part of an integrated strategic marketing plan, literature can create the initial perception, driving customers to the internet for current or more detailed information. and, with advances in digital printing, short targeted (even personalised) runs are affordable and highly effective.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a powerful tool when it is aimed at your target audience. With online services playing a large part in todays’ business it is easy to forget just how effective the tangible piece of direct mail can be for full visual and informative impact.


From small presentations to seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

Like all grand designs, we start with a concept - a big idea. lateral intelligent thinking to set you apart from your competitors. We use a heady mix of pop-up off the shelf components, bespoke manufactured items, multimedia, sound and lighting to create engaging and inspiring environments.



Graphic Design Work

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Large Format / Exhibition Work

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Web Design

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